We are happy to announce that some of the popular contest loggers have supported us.
Please use the links below to install the required modules.
We hope that the information provided by us will help you enjoy participating in the EURASIA HF Championship.

Programs that support EURASIA HF CHAMPIONSHIP:

1. N1MM Logger+ - starting from version 1.0.8170. (TNX Nick, NA3M)

2. 5MContest - starting from 7.0.8. (TNX Vitaly, RM5F)

3. Russian Contest Log
For registered users:
EURASIA-CHAMP.conf, EURASIA-CHAMP.cfg and EURASIA-CHAMP.TTT files must be copied to the program's CONF folder.
(TNX Dmitry, RA4CBH)

4. TR4W
TR4W module for working in EURASIA HF CHAMPIONSHIP - (TNX Valery, UR7QM)
Without installing the module, you can use EUROPEAN VHF Contest, but you will need to set the HF BAND ENABLE configuration command to TRUE and the VHF BAND ENABLE command to FALSE.

5. DXLog
DXLog module for working in EURASIA HF CHAMPIONSHIP -
EURASIA.txt file must be copied to the program's CONTEST folder.
(TNX Vlad, R9IR)
The official module is expected to be prepared before the contest starts.

6. UcxLog - Version 8 Beta. (TNX Ben, DL7UCX)

7. MixW
DLL file for the contest is located at (section 38)
Direct link to download the DLL file:
(TNX Victor, R3BB)

8. QARtest - starting from version 10.2.1. (TNX Paulo, IK3QAR)

9. SD - starting from release V21.22. (TNX Paul, EI5DI)

10. RUMLog - starting from version 4.5.1 for Apple Mac. (TNX Tom, DL2RUM)

The Contest committee thanks the program developers for their assistance!